Having a popcorn machine at your party or event will be a big hit. This red style design and colour will evoke memories of early days at the ball games, carnivals, or at the movie theatre.

Warm and delicious popcorn is a great addition to any party or event with the popcorn made freshly on-site, the sound of popping and the yummy aroma draw everyone’s attention and is hard to resist.

8oz-size is a large commercial machine capable of producing a large amount of popcorn.  Perfect choice for large events where you need to feed snacks to everyone and for kids’ parties.

A popcorn machine is very simple to use, with printed straightforward instructions along with a quick lesson from our delivery staff. The machine must be operated by an adult at least 18 years’ old though.

The package includes oil, popcorn kernels, salt and cardboard boxes. 



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