Candy Floss is a symbol of careless childhood, having a completely non-childhood age of over 600 years. During these years, Candy Floss from aristocratic dishes became the attributes of folk events, various celebrations and gatherings.

One portion of Candy Floss is the same 2 teaspoons of sugar that many add to the tea, even several times a day. Thus, the high calorie content of the portion is about 30 calories, even in the standard portion of ice cream it has more, as well, this calorie is less calories than a can of carbonated beverage. Therefore, even those who follow a strict diet can eat this sweetener.

Candy Floss Machine is capable of producing 3 candy floss cones per minute. It is very easy use with printed instructions along with a quick lesson from our delivery staff. Machine must be operated by an adult 18 years +.

The package includes everything you need to make Candy Floss fresh on the stick: sugar, flossine and sticks.




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